KVO History

KVO Jain Mahajan- Bhuj was established on 12th July, 1987. KVO started social, medical, cultural and religious activities for people since 1988.

On 26th December, 1998, ‘Kutchi Visa Oswal Jain Mahajan, Bhuj’ started “Shree Dungarshi Tokarshi Vividhlakshi Sankul” with accommodation and medical checkup facilities by expert doctors from Mumbai and Ahmedabad. At that time, only 90 families of this community were there in the city. In this part of the organization, there were medical checkup centre, dining hall, Upashray hall, and a guest house. At medical checkup centre, the organization was providing treatments which were not available in Kutch.

During the days of drought, KVO has managed Nirana Kendra and Cattle Camp in villages of west kutch and saved many lives of cattle in the district. During cyclone at Kandla & west Kutch and at the time of very heavy rainfall in Kutch, the organization helped many people and delivered food packets to the affected people. KVO has delivered blankets to the needful people in the season of winter.

For the martyrs of Kargil War, the organization has given donation of Rs. 1,11,111/- in Janmabhumi Trust (Rahatnidhi). In addition, KVO helped people of Orissa during tsunami. The organization has donated sleeping beds to the personnel of B.S.F. for protection from severe cold and sand at Kutch Border.

During the days of 2001 Earthquake, KVO has helped affected people. The organization provided business loans to the earthquake affected families. After the earthquake, at KVO Vijaynagar campus, the organization provided free meal for all needful people for 4 months, of which around 5 lac people got benefit.

On the sixth establishment day of the organization, 26th December 2004, KVO started an ambulance facility to serve people of the city.

From 26th December 2010, organization started new activities to serve people of the district. KVO started a medical store on this day to provide medicines to the people. Another project started by the organization on this day was “Mahajan nu Mameru”, in which KVO arrange marriage at its own place for nominal charges to serve middle class families. KVO also started a new activity on this day; this was to provide free health insurance to poor and needful people of the society.

On 3rd April 2011, the organization started a moving clinic named “Arogya Rath” to serve people medical treatments at their place.

In this way, Kachchhi Visa Oswal Jain Mahajan- Bhuj has helped people from 1987 and will be helping for years.