KVO Helping Hands

KVO is the organization, built to help people in any community when they need. It has been like a heartbeat for many people since years. When a poor person is suffering from a disaster or he needs someone’s hands, KVO always grants them to live life happily.

In such situation, KVO grants some portion of total cost and for other costs, the organization appeals to public for the donation. Then KVO grants these money collected as donation to the person needful. There are mainly four responsibilities KVO undertake.


When a bright student from a poor family who has even no money to buy his/her books or he/she is not able to pay fees of the school, KVO grants them money to study, buy books and uniforms. Children are future of the world as well as the community. If their capabilities and progress are stopped, they cannot make the world of the future beautiful. So, this organization has taken a step forward to help those children who really need to be helped.

Life Protection

Today, poor people cannot bear cost of very serious diseases. When a poor person is on such crisis, KVO gives its hands to the needful person. There is no gift more valuable than life. And this organization gives and lets others to give this precious gift to the people who actually need it. KVO has saved many people from many killer diseases like heart problem, kidney failure and many more serious diseases.

Social Responsibility “Mahajan nu Mameru”

India gives great significance to the tradition of marriage. Indian Marriages are always celebrated with great happiness and enthusiasm. But some poor people cannot make this day that memorable because of their financial limits. KVO is an organization which lends its helping hands towards these people. “Mahajan nu Mameru” is a project by KVO which helps poor people from any community who are not able to bear the cost of marriage. The organization manages and organizes their marriages for nominal costs like Rs 2500 to Rs. 5000. Sometimes, if the person is too poor, the organization arranges the whole event for no cost. KVO lends its own place to organize the marriage for 250 persons and also manages other functions like feast organization, rooms for bride, groom and their families, etc.

Responsibility towards Senior Citizens “Mavitra Ashirvad Yojana“

“Mavitra Ashirvad Yojana” is a project held by KVO Jain Mahajan- Bhuj, vision of which is to help those senior citizens who have no one in their family to earn. This project is to help the people in KVO’s 92 villages (dated 3rd July, 2011), who have no breadwinner in the family. The organization grants them money regularly for their household expenses. Till now (dated 3rd July, 2011), 90 people are provided money for their household expenses every month by money order or sent personally.

Now KVO wants you to be a part of it and to “Lend a Helping Hand” for those needful people. To know more who needs your help, Click here. And if you want to donate us, Click here.