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"ATITHI-GRUH" - Accommodation Services

“ATITHI-GRUH” is the accommodation service provided at KVO, Bhuj. “ATITHI-GRUH” has been providing facilities beneficial to all classes of the society. Till now, more than 300,000(dated 3rd July, 2011) people has been provided this facility. It has been also helpful to the Jain Community people coming from outstations.

There are four types of accommodation facilities at the organization. Dormitory beds are provided at cheaper rates, with facilities of bed and lockers. Other standard rooms and A/C rooms with facilities like Intercom, Phone, Television, electric geyser, etc are provided at reasonable rates.

Other Activities and Services

Every Jain Monk coming in the city is provided accommodation at “ARADHANA GRUH” by the organization. To provide them services with daily meal, hot water, religious books for reading, doctor’s assistance at the time of illness, etc the organization is always pleased.

KVO campus also contains a Library, in which many knowledgeable books are available to read. People came to stay there can read books and newspapers daily at the library. “Pagdandi”, a magazine of KVO family, published from Mumbai, is also available at KVO Bhuj Library.

“NAVNEET BHOJANALAY”, in the KVO Bhuj campus, provides breakfast and meal at reasonable cost. Food at Navneet Bhojanalay is nutritious and pure Jain. Here, in Navneet Bhojanalay, parcel facility is also available.

“ROTARY X-RAY UNIT”, started by the help of Rotary International in the year 2002, provides X-RAY facilities for reasonable charges. Over five thousand patients have been provided this service till now.

The organization also awards students achieving great heights in their studies. From Std 1 to Graduate, Post Graduate students get honors and get encouraged for achieving success in their studies. In addition, distribution of notebooks, arrangement of drawing competitions, parent’s camp etc are organized by KVO.

In 2002, the organization has started “LABORATORY” in which every type of blood and urine are tested at reasonable charges. Till now, more than 10 thousand patients have been benefitted by this laboratory. For this laboratory Rotary International has economically supported the organization.

“AROGYA RATH” by KVO Bhuj is a recently started activity, in which a moving clinic is there which provide medical treatments to the patients at their place. In 4-5 kms area from Bhuj, where medical facilities are not available, Arogya Rath can reach there and treat poor patients.

KVO Medical Center

KVO Helping Hands

KVO is the organization, built to help people in any community when they need. It has been like a heartbeat for many people since years. When a poor person is suffering from a disaster or he needs someone’s hands, KVO always grants them to live life happily.

In such situation, KVO grants some portion of total cost and for other costs, the organization appeals to public for the donation. Then KVO grants these money collected as donation to the person needful. There are mainly four responsibilities KVO undertake.

  • Education
  • Life Protection
  • Social Responsibility
  • Responsibility towards Senior Citizens

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